12 Guidelines To Succeed In Your Meditation Practice by Tejpal

12 Guidelines To Succeed In Your Meditation Practice by Tejpal

1. Create a very clear intent before you start your forty day meditation. Listen to your inner conversations. If you already thinking that you are going to try it, most likely it will not work. Simply decide to do it and accept any fears that go with a commitment to something you don’t know about. It will transform your relationship with commitment for the better.

2. Practice at the same time everyday.  It is easier to sustain an activity when it becomes a habit.

3. For most of you, practice first thing in the morning.  Number one, you set the tone for your day: you create stability and radiance. Number two, you are away from the activities of your day and you will not be taken away by unexpected situations.

4. Create a buddy system. He/she does not have to live in the same town but a support always helps you to stay committed.

5. Meditate on an empty stomach. It is easier to stay present.

6. Tune-In. As you sit you may chant the Adi Mantra if you follow the Kundalini Yoga tradition or simply do a few breathes in and out through the nose to center.

7. Warmup and energize your body before your meditation. It will help you to stay present during your meditation practice.

8. Embrace every thought that comes to you. Don’t think that being able to meditate means being free of thoughts! It means being aware of any thoughts and not fighting them. By doing this you learn to create space between your thoughts, be less judgmental and less reactive. You learn to surrender.

9. Reach out if you have any difficulties. Email me or talk to others who have experience in meditation. Accept the difficulties, if any, as a growth opportunity.

10.Stick to an every day practice. If you need to split the time in two to keep up, please do so!

11.Close your meditation practice. You may chant 3 long Sat Nam with your hands in prayer position or simply take a deep breath in (keeping the same hands position), hold the breath in for 15 seconds and then exhale through the nose. It is important to seal your mediation practice so that you can transition into your day (or night) with ease.

12.Don’t take this too seriously! Just be curious and relax. Take it as an adventure into you!


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  1. Thanks for the guidelines…big help!

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