40 Day Meditation with Tejpal

40 Days Meditation For The Holidays and Transitioning Into the New Year

Monday November 23rd at 6:30PM & Thursday November 26th at 6:30AM

When I was little, I always had mix feelings about the Holiday Season. I was excited about the “stuff” I was going to get and at the same time so disappointed about the lack of connection, the lack of love. I felt empty, meaningless and was reminded of this constant existential pain I was born with.

In my teens, at this time of the year, I was dragging my feet shutting down and watching the family scene holding lots of judgments. In my twenties, I chose to simply dismiss myself from most family gatherings and was then taking the time for personal self-care such as reading, painting and playing music. In my thirties, I moved to the USA and was surprised by the length of the holiday season starting with the famous Thanks Giving. I learned one year at a time to relax a little more during that period of celebration and embrace it. I also chose to share my gifts as a teacher and a healer. Every year, I love to work part of Thanks Giving day to stay center.

My wish for the Holidays is that all of us can stay true to we you are. We are born with a lineage and a destiny and I do believe that if we take care of our destiny first our lineage will be taking care off. Open yourself to new ways of celebrating, mix traditions and create new rituals that help your heart to heal and open.

I have chosen a healing meditation easy for everyone to do. Your child or your grand mother can do it. Share this gift with many. Meditation is an act of self-love. In this time of chaos, your soul is your biggest ally. No one can kill your soul; no one can threaten your soul.

Come to Yoga 4 All Tucson Monday night November 23rd at 6:30pm to kick off our 40 days meditation. This will carry you until January 1st.

On Thanks Giving Day, to bring light into your heart, come at 6:30 am for a 30 minutes gathering. We will do some warm up and then our 11 minutes meditation. This gathering is open to every one.

I also have two short videos for you to share. See below.

The first one focuses on 4 misconceptions about meditation and the second one teaches our 40 days meditation.

With much love



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