40 Days of Meditation for Absolutely Powerful Energy

40 Days of Meditation for Absolutely Powerful Energy

Sat Nam,

Thank you to all the teachers and students that came to our Saturday workshop.  It was a blast!!!  As part of the workshop we started a short and powerful meditation for energy and balance. We invite everyone to join us today. I’ve provide the text below, but for a treat meditate with the master, Yogi Bhajan, by clicking here.  Please note the meditation starts at 44:56 of the audio recording.

Light and Love to All,

Sat Ardas

Meditation for Absolutely Powerful Energy

“It is best to do this meditation when you have time to sleep afterwards or when you have a hard day to face. Both times are best for this. It will give you absolutely powerful energy and will balance that most effective computer that we call the brain. It is the best remedy for ‘brain drain.” Yogi Bhajan

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine. Interlock all of your fingers except your Sun (ring) fingers, which are pressed together pointing upward. The right thumb locks down the left thumb. Place the mudra at diaphragm level, several inches out from the body, with the Sun fingers pointing out at a sixty-degree angle. Close your eyes.

Breath/Mantra: Inhale deeply and chant Ong in long form, one recitation of Ong per exhalation (approximately 15 seconds, but in a group setting, each person chants in their own breath rhythm). The sound is created through the nose; the mouth is held slightly open, but no air comes out through the mouth. The sound comes from the nose by way of the back of the upper palate. Your upper palate will vibrate. Concentrate to do it correctly. Continue for 8 minutes.

©2006 The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

Praana Praanee Praanayam p. 42-43

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