A Mantra Experience- “So Purkh (That Primal God)”

A Mantra Experience- “So Purkh (That Primal God)”

Yogi Bhajan had to be a saint! He invited all of us to come to Espanola to Womens Camp every summer to be taught by him personally and to be taught by one another. It was the way he told us we would know our nobility, that we would understand that all things come from God and all things go to God and that all could be arranged for us to be there with him. Our families would thrive from the wealth of knowledge we would gain from being together under the blue skies. We would revitalize ourselves as women and then we could go home and be able to handle the tests of the times.

He was so focused on the power of woman, from his own very dear experiences of knowing the sacrifices his mother made, and the strength she imbued in him, and how she influenced his life. He told us at Women’s Camp, that this camp was created in her honor and that we could strive to feel the nobility that she showed in her actions. He served in this way, as a true servant of Guru Ram Das, for decades, teaching us all he could.

One very precious thing he taught us was that a woman has the power to create a saint. She can do it through service, through giving birth and through prayer. We learned that within Rehiras, the early evening prayer of the Sikhs, Guru Ram Das wrote a passage entitled So Purkh (That Primal God). Yogi Bhajan said if a woman recites this bani 11 times a day for any man, it has the power to make him a saint and dissolve any negativity between them. Those words were music to my ears! There was something that I could actually do that could help my husband and son and father while I was away at camp! I thought it was worth a try, right?

Over many years, I began to learn the power of these precious words. Sometimes I chanted them in Gurmukhi, and sometimes I read the English translation. The more I practiced, the more I learned that this was for me.  Many women give a special gift to the men in their lives at birthdays by chanting 11 So Purkhs for them. The repetitions create a sound current. That sound current creates sacredness.

I invite you to come and have this experience with me (Sant Kaur) on Sunday, April 13, at 1 pm. Our Mantra Workshop at Yoga4All Tucson is a great opportunity to dip your toe further into the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan. We will warm up with some Kundalini Yoga, recite the English translation and deeply immerse in 11 repetitions of So Purkh in Gurmukhi. No prior experience is required.


  1. Can you recite this prayer for boy children too? I have a son under 18 so not yet a man.

    • Yes, you can Miranda. Enjoy!

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