Aquarian Sadhana by Jiwan Shakti

Aquarian Sadhana by Jiwan Shakti

So you’ve been coming to Kundalini Yoga classes for a while and you keep hearing about this gathering of yogis that happens once a month on the third Sunday at Yoga 4 All called Aquarian Sadhana. They say it starts at 4:30 and you’ve heard people ask “at 4:30 in the afternoon?” and you were surprised that the answer was “no, at 4:30 in the morning”. You’ve been wondering what in the world people are doing at 4:30 in the morning? You’ve become curious though, as you keep hearing people say “what a beautiful practice it is” and how sacred the gathering is. You’ve finally decided you are going to get up early and see what this is all about. You’re a little nervous though because you’re not sure what to expect.  Let me tell you a little bit about Aquarian Sadhana so you will feel more comfortable. Please know that everyone is warmly welcome to participate in this sacred practice.  You will notice several differences between Aquarian Sadhana and a yoga class. This is not a yoga class. It is a group spiritual practice. The group is led by a teacher who also participates in the practice. The practice starts early because the ambrosial hours, the two and one half hours before the sun rises, are the optimal time to connect with the infinite cosmic energy. The mood is reverent and meditative: people tend to greet each other quietly and there is little talking. Aquarian Sadhana starts with the sacred Sikh prayer of Japji Sahib. This meditative prayer was given to us by Guru Nanak Ji the founder of the Sikh religion. This prayer is chanted in Gurmukhi. There will be a printed reference available for you. If this is the first time you have heard Japji you may want to just listen to the sound vibration or you may wish to chant along with the group.  After Japji everyone will “tune in” with Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo. There will be a short yoga set to wake up the body and prepare you for meditation. The teacher leading you through the yoga set will also practice the yoga set to prepare for the meditation as opposed to a yoga class where the teacher does not do the yoga with you. You will be led through the set with little to no explanation, just enough information to perform the postures. There may or may not be any music. The layout may be silent also or something very meditative. Then there will be 62 minutes of beautiful chants. At the end there will be a reading from the Guru Granth Sahib (the sacred Sikh scriptures) or Peace Lagoon and then closing with the Long Time Sun Song. People can visit afterwards and then you have your whole beautiful day ahead of you to do whatever you like. Sadhana is by donation and it is highly recommended that you cover your head.

The next Aquarian Sadhana will be March 16th at 4:30 am – 6:45 am

“Your body is the temple of God, and your soul is the Divine Guru within. So, you get up in the morning, meditate, chant the mantras, do the exercises, call on your spirit, regulate the breath, and you get together in group consciousness. In that way you help each other. Group consciousness in morning sadhana is to help each other. If I am trying to sleep, another is not sleeping. If, in this whole group, one person opens up to God just once, we will all be blessed in his openness. That is what matters. If one has walked into sadhana with heart and soul in a prayerful mind, we will all benefit. That is the power of the group sadhana.”

“Getting up for sadhana in the morning is a totally selfish act – for personal strength, for personal intuition, for personal sharpness, for personal discipline, and overall for absolute personal prosperity.” ~Yogi Bhajan



  1. I am planning on being in Tucson April 1 through? I would love to participate in Sadhana with you while I am there! I look forward to this very much!

    • Sat Nam,
      Wonderful. We look forward to seeing you. Please note this post was from last year and the Aquarian Sadhana for this month is Sunday March 15th 4:30-6:45 am.
      Sat Ardas

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