Breathwalk with Adi Shakti

Breathwalk with Adi Shakti

We can all walk, and we all breath; so why not combine these two elements and embark on the path to physical and mental fitness?  That is precisely what Breathwalk can deliver. Breathwalk is the science of synchronizing specific breath patterns with your steps and applying the art of directed, meditative attention to your walk. Four main benefits can be derived from Breathwalk: increased energy level, mood control, refined mental quality, and feelings of connectedness. People who Breathwalk often report that it enhances their efforts in other exercise or meditation endeavors and improves their quality of life overall.

Yogi Bhajan and Gurucharan Khalsa first introduced Breathwalk to the world.  It consists of five steps. The first two steps, awaken and align, call attention to the body, the breath, and walking form.  The third step, vitalize, includes intervals of rhythmical walking with breath control and mental focus. The fourth step, balance, provides the opportunity to reap the benefits of the inward attention in the previous step as the reconnection with the surrounding environment is made.  The final step, integrate, is the icing on the cake. The Innerwalk that comprises this last step directs the mind and attention to create new sequences and patterns of thought. By exploring this inner path of awareness, we can come from our heart, the seat of compassion, in all of our interactions. Breathwalk is remarkably simple, yet it provides exercise, personal growth, meditative experience, stress mastery and a clear mind to achieve a state of connection more easily.

If you’d like to experience this profound practice, please join us after Aquarian Sadhana as part of our One Year Anniversary Celebration on May 18th at 7:00am.

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