Chardi Kala Series with Adi Shakti

Chardi Kala Series with Adi Shakti

According to Yogi Bhajan, Chardi Kala is a concept in Sikh Dharma that translates to “Rising Spirit”. When life confronts you, you tackle the challenge and rise above it. You stay in a state of optimism and joy regardless of the external circumstances, and acknowledge that the Divine’s hand is behind everything. Since the planet is in a cycle of 9 this year, it is crucial that we stay focused and steady and adopt a Chardi Kala attitude. In yogic numerology, 9 is an ending cycle; it is all about completion and sometimes it can be a bumpy and wild ride along the way. In this series, we will explore a number of kriyas and meditations that will serve your Spirit well during 2016. You will recognize the importance of staying steady and constant in every aspect of your life, and especially in your spiritual practice. Come learn how your Spirit can soar, no matter what!

Saturday Mornings 8:30-9:45 am

$10 single class/$8 students with ID or punch pass

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