Cool Down Series with Sat Ardas

Cool Down Series with Sat Ardas

Saturdays 9:00-10:00 am starts July 5th

“Sitalee Praanayam is the breath of the nectar of life, which cools.” Yogi Bhajan

The heat is on in Tucson with record highs for this month. While the desert is an expansive and magical place, the heat can quickly sap our energy and leave us feeling a bit irritable. This is the perfect time to add a cooling breath to your yoga practice. Sitali (Sitalee) pranayama is a well-known practice for soothing the body and mind. The breath is often used for lowering fevers and aiding in digestion. It is especially helpful for cooling off those fiery emotions like anger and frustration. I invite you to join me Saturday mornings for a six week series to experience the cooling, relaxing effect of sitali breathing, while maintaining your alertness and vitality. Each class will include yoga and meditation focusing on the great powers of rejuvenation and detoxification attributed to this breath. Everyone is welcome.



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