“First Step to Happiness” by Tejpal

“First Step to Happiness” by Tejpal

Yogi Bhajan has said that the very first step to happiness is Commitment. When you usually hear that word you go into contraction and your thought process follows this path…”One more thing to do”… “I don’t have time”…“What if it is the wrong commitment”…“It feels like pressure to me, I want to be free!”

All of these thoughts are pretty common but quite frankly they don’t serve you at all. Let’s explore the four benefits of commitment.

1- Commitment gives you freedom

You do not have to sign a paper or see a lawyer each time you commit to something. Commitment is an attitude, a mindset and a spiritual determination. It is a moment-to-moment action that puts you in the present. When you are fully engaged in something you are free! You are not wondering if you are doing the right thing, you just do it!

2- Commitment gives you mastery
Any being on this planet no matter what their field of expression is, can be a master when they nourish their relationship to commitment. My best friend is one of the top 5 harpist in the world. When she started to play the harp her teacher told her dad that she should quit the harp…ha! What made her the best of who she is, the quality of her commitment and her true love to practice daily.

3- Commitment boosts your manifestation power
When you chose to commit and do what you say, your energy field stays clear. Remember everything starts at the energy level. Each time you are not honoring your commitment, you are creating a cloud in your field….Sooner or later you become so cloudy that no one wants to be around you, your essence cannot shine through and you cannot be in the moment. You have too much stuff to think about.

4- Commitment gives you the experience of oneness
When you commit you create integrity. Not from a place of morale but from a place of oneness. The inside of you matches the outside of you. You are one, holly, healthy and happy. Do you want to truly experience happiness in your life? Master commitment and engage into a daily spiritual practice. Witness the many changes you will create in your life for the better! Kundalini Yoga has thousand of meditation practices to choose from…Come in and discover what works best for you!

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  1. I’m nervous to start coming to a class! Are they crowded….I would be a TOTAL beginner!

    • Hello Kimberly! Come in once! there is always room for everyone and a beginner mind is the best way to start! People come from various ages, abilities and yogic practice. 🙂

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