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No regular classes Jan. 28th & Feb. 25th

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Sat Nam,

We are excited to host the Level 2 Teacher Training Course this winter. Unfortunately, we will not have regular Saturday classes on January 28th & February 25th. Sorry for any inconvenience. 


Sat Ardas

Happy New Year to All!

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Happy New Year to All!

Prayer for a Happy New Year

By Yogi Bhajan

In God’s love for you alone, life unfolds
Like a silken cone unwinds.
And we are all woven, one with God.
Strands of silk,
Sacred and divine.
The drums of war are loud and clear,
But hope of peace is also near.
If the Word of God will lead the people
And compassion will flow with the beat of the heart,
The human race will find its essence.
Let us pray for love of peace.
Let us pray for love of truth.
Let us pray for everyone to pray
For the innocent in bondage
Miles and miles away.
Let us pray for the innocent victims.
Let us pray on the death of the innocents–
Those humans created in the image of God,
Tortured by men with earthly authority,
Actions so far away from morality.
In my prayer
I wish you the wealth of peace
To make beautiful our tomorrow
Where human beings can live in love
Forever free from sorrow.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

New Schedule Begins January 1st

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New Schedule Begins January 1st

Sat Nam,

Please note the Wednesday Night classes is cancelled at this time. Stay tuned for special Sunday classes coming soon. 

6:30-7:45 pm Kundalini Yoga with Tejpal Kaur

4:30-5:45 pm Kundalini Yoga with Sant Saroop

8:30-10:00 am Kundalini Yoga with Daya Preet Kaur

10:30 am-12:00 Kundalini Yoga with Sant Kaur

2nd Sunday of the Month
4:30-6:45 AM Aquarian Sadhana by donation

Coming Soon… Special Classes with Sat Ardas TBA

Live with Crown of Eternity

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Live with Crown of Eternity

A Vibrational Experience Like No Other!

Enter a cosmic journey as Crown of Eternity transports you into a timeless space of sonic bliss. It is a meditation; a dream-like state; a carefully honored space of intention and attention; a deep and lasting vibrational cleansing for the body and soul; a profound journey through all levels of the self like you have never experienced before.  Click here for all the details.

A New Look on Vitality

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A New Look on Vitality

“Vitality and Stress” Workshop
Jan. 27-29. and Feb.24-26 at Yoga4All

As we are approaching a new year my true wish is that you let go of setting goals for yourself. When you set goals you simply limit yourself and you rely too much on your linear mind and your will. I personally don’t recall that reaching any of my goals made me happier; I always had a next goal in mind.

We are not linear beings we are spiritual beings. Our focus is to increase our vitality so that we can raise our vibration. More than ever before we need our vibration to be strong as we get constantly reminded of the political economical and ecological chaos in our lives. We can pretend to ignore it but because everything is a vibration and we still get impacted.

In this period that the Yogis have called “The Grey Period”, we can fall into our reactive patterns and be stressed or we can stand up in our light and be vibrant no matter what.

In my late teens and early twenties, I was smoking pot and isolating to protect myself from pain. I was reading, playing the guitar, listening to classical music and doing the minimum of schooling to get by because I could not fit in. In my twenties and early thirties I was coping with life with too much work focusing on being a successful executive going and coping with my suicidal thoughts. The journey toward my own vitality has been a long one and today as I look at my own self my becoming and my life there is simply a smile from my heart. The journey continues always and that is part of the vitality process.

My wish is that you choose your life force as your focus for the New Year and for this we have a great workshop at Yoga4All Tucson called “Vitality and Stress”.

In this course you will explore new pathways to create more vitality within you and in your relationships, you will experience specific breath patterns and meditations to increase your vibrancy and learn great insights from Ayurvedic medicine .

If you are not a Kundalini Yoga teacher but have had a consistent  practice, this course is for you. If you have any questions, contact me at If you need payment plans we can arrange this as well.

The two teachers who lead this course Sangeet Kaur Khalsa and Sevak Singh Khalsa walk their talk, are passionate about what they teach and have amazing experiences to share with us. Click here for more details.

Choose to be the light house! Come join us!

With love



Kundalini Yoga with Sant Kaur: Special New Year’s Eve Day Class!

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Kundalini Yoga with Sant Kaur:  Special New Year’s Eve Day Class!

Find Your Prosperity with Subagh Kriya

10:30 a.m. – noon Saturday, December 31, 2016

“What happens when you become saintly and you talk to your soul? You become rich and prosperous.” – Yogi Bhajan

In Kundalini Yoga, we access pathways to raise the energy from the base of the spine to the top of the head. All eight chakras get involved in this experience. We address the elemental nature of the first chakra, feel the creative flow of the second, employ our identity to see our vision through with the third, let the heart rule with the fourth, speak consciously through the fifth, choose wisely guided by our intuitive nature with the sixth, connect with our soul from the seventh and aim high and reach our full potential though the eighth. Welcome to enlightenment! Oh wait, how to maintain that?

We need tools. Pranayama, exercises that invigorate deep relaxation to get the energy into all the right places, and a great practice of meditation.

Prosperity is the theme of this class. Raise your energy and lift yourself to the heavens with a strong practice that can give you the elemental understanding of the bounty of this life. Prosperity is not all about money. It’s about all your capital; your strength, your grace, your creativity, your mind, your body temple, your relationship to the Infinite. 

It’s always a challenge to take care of yourself during the holiday season. Please join me to give yourself the lift you need to greet 2017!

Release Your Creative Self with Daya Preet

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Release Your Creative Self with Daya Preet

We are excited to welcome Daya Preet Kaur to Yoga4All Tucson this winter.

Saturdays 8:00-9:45 am starting January 7th

This 8 week series is designed for any level student. We are all creative—it is a creative act to get to the planet! Sometimes, in our busyness or fear or self doubt, we block our connection to our Infinite Self and infinitely creative self. So whether you’re a cook, a poet, a dancer, a gardener, a designer of space, clothes, altars, a painter, a householder, etc., you are essentially an artist with something to say and share. Using kriya and mantra and short experiential exercises, you will have the opportunity to get real again. To be you again.

Daya Preet (Whitney Vale) is a certified Level 1 Kundalini Yoga teacher. She is a published poet, professional actor, and spiritual practitioner. Her passions are creating beauty in the world and encouraging you to see the beauty in yourself.

Yoga4All Holiday Hours

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Yoga4All Holiday Hours

Sat Nam,

Please note the upcoming holiday hours.

December 24th STUDIO CLOSED
December 31st regular schedule

Blessings to All!!!!

Christmas Carrol Revisited

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Christmas Carrol Revisited

Christmas Carrol Revisited
Monday Night with Tejpal
Chanting Meditation at Every Class.

Monday Nights 6:30-7:45 pm
As the holidays season comes to its full bloom so are Christmas Carroll.
No matter what your tradition is, singing or chanting has always been an important part of any
I was raised Catholic and as a kid the only part I liked during church service was the singing. I
was then member of a chorus and after a couple of hours of singing I always felt so good…
clearer and lighter..away from deep existential pain and anxiety; I felt spacious inside.
In my family of origin love and caring were not part of the formula but one thing was sure, when
we were all singing there was some cohesiveness. I remember these long car trips with my five
siblings in the back of an old Peugeot… The way to go was to sing, all of us, one song after
another non stop for several hours. At that moment nothing else mattered much, we even
enjoyed singing harmony with each other; we were one unit.
In my spiritual path of explorations, I was so grateful to discover that chanting was an important
part of Kundalini Yoga. Chanting is in fact a healing process where you stimulate specific
meridian points in the body and engage a conversation between your pituitary gland, your
hypothalamus and your nadis. Chanting is part a yogic tradition called Naad Yoga, there is a
divine precision in it.
I pretty much guaranty that if you chant, you will feel better more at peace with your self,
spacious and relaxed inside and more accepting of what is for you at that moment. You may get
great pleasure : a feeling of expansiveness and radiance that will help develop your intuition and
make decisions that include your spiritual dimension.
The beauty of chanting is that there is no season for it we can do it all year long. To match the
spirit of the Holiday Season we are going to do a chanting meditation every class for the next
several months.
In case you have not started your “40 Days Meditation For the Holiday Season” here is a link to
guide you.
I hope you can come! The more we are chanting together the more we heal and elevate.
Monday night Kundalini Yoga with Tejpal.
If you can breathe you can do Kundalini Yoga.


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Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.”   Rumi

In our life as yogis, the aspiration, the work, the fulfillment, remains the same regardless of the circumstances surrounding it.  We are the light.  We are the lighthouse.  We elevate.  We serve. We recognize that the other person is ourself.  We have fun.  We cultivate happiness and healthiness.  We are citizens of the world and servants of the Universal calling of our souls.

Now, how is that for a non-partisan agenda???  We still celebrate our victories, and mourn our losses.  We still work and practice so that all beings prosper and live in peaceful environments.  We honor Mother Earth and nourish her to heal.  But we do so with love as our center of gravity and uplifting communication and action as the vehicle of our truth.

If all of that sounds somehow refreshing and positive, after casting your ballot on Tuesday, November 8th, join me, SANT SAROOP, for an energizing, uplifting, and ultimately superbly calming Kundalini Yoga class from 4:30 to 5:45 PM  Class will be followed by tea and a giant pot of vegetarian soup.  Bring a bowl, spoon, and cup, and something to share or dip in the soup if you want. (I will have extra everything so don’t worry if you forget.)

This is a great opportunity to bring the circumstances of your life to a deep practice, and let go of trying to control the outcome.  Plus, IT IS GOING TO BE SO FUN!!!