Got Bliss????

Got Bliss????

40 Day Sadhana-”Meditation for Self-Stimulation Into Ecstasy”

November 22nd come to Yoga 4 All and start a 40 day meditation that will carry you into the new year!

The Holidays season often brings a unique blend of experiences and emotions. During this festive time, you may carry too high expectations and or experience disappointments. You may spend too much money, over eat or feel too much pressure to give and be a certain way with others. At time you also may be at peace and centered, noticing the buzz in the air and feeling extremely joyful and grateful.

No matter where you are at, it is a beautiful time to go within as much stimulation from our environment can prevent us to stay grounded and stable inside.

Why not deciding this year to experience ecstasy during the Holidays? The Kundalini Yoga tradition offers many tools to help us shift and be radiant in our daily lives. This Friday we are launching a 40 days meditation to carry each of you into the New Year. You will feel spacious, open and your frequency of energy will rise. It will help you go through the Holidays with relaxation, focus, a peaceful heart and a bright spirit. Everyone can do it GUARANTIED!

According to the yogi, forty days meditation in a row is a great foundation to create a shift that can last. A shift that will help you stay connected to the frequency of your soul and be more alive.

Because we want each of you to experience the benefits of a 40 days meditation, this Friday we have a special class to help you succeed in this process. During this class we will do a short kriya and we will practice day 1 of the forty day meditation.

Come to class and discover:

1- Essential warm up exercises to facilitate your meditation

2- Guide lines to stay present during your meditation experience

3- Practical suggestions to succeed in your intention to do your meditation

4- Ways to overcome major blocks that may happen during your 40 days commitment

Everyone is welcome! If you can breathe, you can do a 40 day meditation…

40 Day Sadhana Class with Tejpal November 22nd 6:00-7:00 pm

Meditation for Self-Stimulation Into Ecstasy

Part One:

1- Sit in easy pose with your hands in Giaan Mudra. Close your eyes and focus at the root of the nose.

2- Inhale in 3 strokes through the nose, hold the breath in and turn your head to the right. Exhale in one stroke through the nose and bring your head back to center. Repeat the breath but turn your head to the left. Continue alternating. On the inhale mentally vibrate the mantra “Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam”. On the exhale, mentally vibrate “Whaahay Guroo.

3- Continue for 7 minutes.

Part Two:

1- Extend your legs straight, take a deep inhale and bend forward. Your hands may grasp your toes or may land between your knees and your feet.

2- Let the head relax and meditate at the root of the nose. Focus all the energy there. Let the mind go.

3- Continue for 5 to 7 minutes.


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