Happy New Year to All!

Happy New Year to All!

Prayer for a Happy New Year

By Yogi Bhajan

In God’s love for you alone, life unfolds
Like a silken cone unwinds.
And we are all woven, one with God.
Strands of silk,
Sacred and divine.
The drums of war are loud and clear,
But hope of peace is also near.
If the Word of God will lead the people
And compassion will flow with the beat of the heart,
The human race will find its essence.
Let us pray for love of peace.
Let us pray for love of truth.
Let us pray for everyone to pray
For the innocent in bondage
Miles and miles away.
Let us pray for the innocent victims.
Let us pray on the death of the innocents–
Those humans created in the image of God,
Tortured by men with earthly authority,
Actions so far away from morality.
In my prayer
I wish you the wealth of peace
To make beautiful our tomorrow
Where human beings can live in love
Forever free from sorrow.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

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