Kundalini Yoga Workshop Series With Sant Saroop

Kundalini Yoga Workshop Series With Sant Saroop


A Six Week Workshop Series with Sant Saroop
Wednesdays 9:00-11:00 am April 15- May 20th
$90 for series/$20 per class

Kundalini Yoga is miraculous, mystical, and potentially life-changing. But it is not magic. It is merely the fantastic unfolding of a more infinite, more expansive, more sensitive, and more powerful YOU. The effects of a single session of practice, as well as a lifetime of practice, can be deeper and longer- lasting, when we apply our minds and open our hearts to specifically and directly integrate the experiences of life with our practice. Likewise, the effects of a single posture, breath, or moment in meditation, can be deeper and more helpful, if we can align ourselves physically, mentally, and energetically with that posture, breath, or meditation. The Illuminate Your Kundalini Yoga Practice workshops will use art, writing, and other spontaneous “creations” to explore, illuminate, and connect to what shows up for each of us in our practice. It will also focus on how to allow space and invite precision into all aspects of posture including physical alignment.

This class is for those who want to connect more fully to their Kundalini Yoga practice. Open to all students with Kundalini Yoga experience.



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