Let Go and Glow During The Holidays

Let Go and Glow During The Holidays

Special class with Tejpal, November 24th at 6:30PM

The Holidays season often brings a myriad of emotions and memories. Some of them may be uplifting while others may be painful. Either you are choosing to celebrate the Holidays or not, you cannot ignore them …It is “in the air”, it is part of the big energy field we are living in and therefore it impacts us.

How do you choose to celebrate this year? How do you choose to connect and relate to each others? Who do you need to forgive to? What do you need to take responsibility for? How do you want to reach out from a place of truth?

This year, take this opportunity to truly transform yourself. Celebrations are always a rite of passage, an opportunity to reinvent who we are and let go of what does not serve you anymore.

To support you on your journey, I am inviting you to create a new habit for 40days in a row and do a meditation with me. Start November 24th and then decide after 40 days if you want to keep going but first choose to commit for 40 days.

What I know about this meditation is that it will heal and strengthen your nervous system. Your nervous system plays a big role in your emotions and thoughts. When this system is out of balance you are reactive, angry, depressed, worried, agitated and tired. When this system is strong and balanced you feel centered, aligned, and connected. The decisions you are making come from a place of choice instead of a place of reaction.

In this special class,

  • You will create your Soul Mantra
  • We will practice a kriya to support our 40 days mediation (copies will be available)
  • We will practice this very special meditation together.

Monday night with Tejpal, If you can breathe, you can do Kundalini Yoga.




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