Meditation-The Ultimate Mental Shower

Meditation-The Ultimate Mental Shower

I remember very clearly as a teenager being fascinated by the idea of meditation. In the mist of teenage angst the idea of calming the mind in quiet contemplation sounded exotic and very cool. I remember going to the bookstore and buying my first yoga book, Sivananda Companion to Yoga, sometime in the early 80’s. This classic guide to yoga made it sound so easy- improve your health, banish stress and tension, increase your powers of concentration, and experience peace of mind.  Sounded perfect. After a few pages I was all in.  Read the book, tried the poses, closed my eyes and gave meditation a try.  Hmmmm… nothing happened. Tried it again the next day.  Waiting…again nothing happened. I wasn’t quite sure what was supposed to happen, but somewhere I got the idea the sky might open and all knowledge would be bestowed upon me.  At the very least some bells and whistles to let me know I was doing it right.  I have to admit I wasn’t too impressed and after a few times thought to myself, well I guess I just can’t meditate.  It took me a decade before I took my first yoga class (Yogi Bill/Zenith Center) and really start my journey to understand and appreciate the power of meditation.

Meditation means something different to everyone, for me it is the ultimate mental shower. Each time I stay present and participate I give myself the chance to let go of thoughts before they get stuck and create havoc in my life.  Okay I will admit meditation is not always fun, light and blissful.   I’ve been known to cry, laugh, scream, sleep and even get a little pissy after a deep meditation. Doesn’t matter.  All good and all part of the process.  Taking out the mental garbage is not always fun, but I can honestly say there is nothing else in my life that creates the deep silence and stillness to really be able to listen.

After 20 years of meditating I’m not sure if I’m doing it “right”, but I know it feels like home.  I may no longer be a teenage, but meditation still holds a fascination for me- very exotic and very cool! Join us at Yoga4All Tucson for the many opportunities to meditate, cleanse, listen and find your home. ~Sat Ardas Kaur

Sat Ardas teaches Wednesday Nights 6:30-7:45 pm   & leads the monthly Full Moon Meditation Class

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