New Series-The Path to Healing with Tejpal

New Series-The Path to Healing with Tejpal

The Path of Healing
New Series Starts Monday January 19th 6:30-7:45 pm

As we enter into a new year, we enter into a new frequency of energy. We have the opportunity to open up to a new level of awareness where we can see our patterns and experience our Self from a new perspective. A new frequency of energy gives us the opportunity to expand and reach new levels of joy.

This renewed self-expression requires healing. Without healing you will go into lala land, driven by your stories and ungrounded.

What are you choosing to heal at this time? What part of you are you choosing to hold in stillness? How can you connect to the divine self within you? How can you stay connected to your true essence? How can you hold your duality, your fears, your hope and your despairs without trying to solve them or fix them? How can you trust the healing power of your soul energy?

The Kundalini Yoga tradition gives us the opportunity to look at our patterns and strengthen our true self, our Sat Nam. In this series we will explore different qualities necessary for any healing to happen in our lives.

We will look at our pain, our abilities to surrender, to acknowledge, embrace and let go. We will soften our defense mechanism, open our heart, develop our intuition and strengthen our spiritual self.

Come join me for this new series. Monday night with Tejpal, If you can breathe you can do Kundalini yoga.


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