40 Day Community Sadhana


Boredom? Or ,…?

When I invite my clients or students to do a daily spiritual practice, very few end up really doing it. I have heard many stories…stuff gets in the way…kids, work, health, family crisis, etc.

The real truth is that most of you are bored with yourself…yup…most of you are like a little kid that needs to be distracted every so often. And because it is so easy to get distracted these days you get bored even faster. Now you are not the only one! I can relate now and then!

If we get bored with ourselves so easily…then our all life is going to be full of distractions, attachments and we will go through a constant emotional rollercoaster. There is one thing we need to do is to fall in love with ourselves again and that is a discipline.

Loving yourself is not about liking yourself.  Loving yourself is about embracing all of who you are your light and your shadow. It is about accepting with kindness your beauty and your limitations. Loving yourself is a practice that helps you to stay away from the polarity of the positive and negative minds.

The most efficient way to get there is to have a daily spiritual practice. As you do it you go beyond pain or pleasure, you become less reactive and impulsive. You have a chance to experience inner stillness and from that place you can see clearly and make life choices that are truly meaningful to you.

On November 6th will be a 40 days meditation and I will give some you insights on committing to a daily spiritual practice. This particular meditation will uplift your spirit and help you to create inner peace.  Join me for this class as the more we are doing it together the more we support each other and the deeper we go into our practice.

With much love