The Wisdom Of The Ten Bodies Series with Tejpal

The Wisdom Of The Ten Bodies Series with Tejpal

Glowy, Sparkly, Vibrant and Radiant
The Wisdom Of The Ten Bodies Series
Starts August 3rd

What if you decide to be vibrant and radiant every day? What if you choose to also add a zest of glow and sparkles to uplift your whole being? These qualities are part of your DNA and that is your duty to claim them in your unique way. One of the ways to experience this truly is to be fully alive in all of your bodies.

The concept of multiple bodies has been present in many spiritual traditions. In Ancient Egypt, the masters of that time described nine bodies to understand our human nature. The kabbalah tradition teaches us that we are made of nine bodies as well. Some teachings in Buddhism tell us that we have six bodies. In the Kundalini Yoga tradition we have ten bodies.

Where Do You Live?

No mater what tradition works for you these bodies work like the organs in the physical body. When one is dormant, the other ones are compensating.

Most of us get stuck into our mental and emotional bodies. And this is what we end up experiencing:

  • We live in the past or in the future
  • We worry
  • We over analyze everything
  • We are stuck in addictive or compulsive behavior
  • We have forgotten our ability to reinvent ourselves
  • We create predictability everywhere
  • We believe our thoughts are real
  • We get attached to people or situations and can’t let go
  • We get lost in shame or blame
  • …The list is endless

Calling On The Light Within

Each of your ten bodies is a teacher. Each of your ten bodies gives you a new perspective, a new challenge and new insights. Each of you has a unique balance with you ten bodies. Your commitment to Self is to maximize the wisdom of each body to be Happy, Holy and Healthy.

Come Monday night to explore the brilliance of your ten bodies, assess where you are and create new pathways for vibrant living.

Monday night with Tejpal… If you can breathe you can do Kundalini Yoga.

Mondays 6:30-7:45 pm starts August 3rd




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