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Tuning In


Tuning in may feel like a simple ritual in the kundalini yoga tradition, yet, if we choose to pause
and reflect on it, we may realize the many benefits this practice has to offer.


Tuning in invites us to check in and assess ourselves at each level of our being. From that self-
assessment, we can choose to design our day in a unique way. For example, if we realize we
have anxiety we may choose a breath or a walk in nature, if we are attached to a specific
outcome for ourselves or others, we may examine the fears lying underneath so that we can
explore how to let go. By embracing where we are at, our life becomes more fluid.


Tuning in also refers to refining our vibration and aligning to a level of truth and wisdom bigger
than our physical existence.


Tuning in reminds us of our purpose and the bigger picture of our
existence. It helps us to let go of our ego personality and access a dimension of service and


For some of us, our daily practice is a tune-in; whether we chant, breathe, move, dance, write,
or gaze at the sunrise, to name a few. Tuning in enhances our inspiration and our radiance.
What will it take to expand the practice of tuning in beyond a Kundalini class?


And what does it look like?